World of Darkness

The story so far...

Your story began with a vampire not knowing his past and a werewolf who chose the life of a hermit. You were both brought together by chance when the werewolf was captured and the vampire’s mark was stolen from under his nose.

The group responsible, referring to themselves as “The Gray Dawn”, had an old hideout they used to conduct experiments on werewolves. This mansion, now mostly left in shambles by your exploits there, was the grounds that brought you two together and drove you to meet Tobias, a strange mage who specializes in magics of the mind.

Tobias invited you into his humble little shack out by the coast and in the middle of nowhere. He prepared his home to make things more convenient for you and allowed you to find your own little establishments close to his own. You now work mostly out of his shack up near Santa Rosa.

After settling in and getting used to the idea of being far from what you used to call home, Tobias stated that he might know a man that has ties to the Gray Dawn. Doing some research you find out that this man, named Jacob Harshul, is a high standing member of the BOA and has his own office in the BOA building in San Francisco.

After some research and a little luck, you have infiltrated the BOA building and are currently on the 19th floor, trying to get to the 20th floor. The werewolf fought off a few vampires and the vampire finds himself hacking into a computer, looking for any information he can find.



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